In the grimdark of the 41st millennium, there is only war…

Welcome to the Chaos Rampant Campaign. In this Rouge Trader Adventure, you will take on the role of a group of Tau Explorers. As veteran role-play gamers may be aware, the Tau are not part of the Rouge Trader Base game. However, the Tau Character Guide expansion(available though WH40k.lib) contains the fluff and rules to play as a Tau Character. 

In this adventure, your fire warriors are tasked with hunting down and assimilating ancient alien technology to improve the relatively weak Tau Navy. The Tau are not known for having particularly strong starships, and the Ethereal Caste has assigned several young Fire warriors to get this technology. Unfortunately for you, the place they have sent you to is in Imperial space, where the Tau are enemies of Humanity. Luckily for you, you have been physically altered to resemble humans, and a ship created with the external appearance of a human ship. 

Good luck explorers. For the Greater Good!!!

How to Join

I live in Sydney, NSW, and will be running this campaign around the Ultimo Area. To let me know who you are, and to apply to join the campaign, email me at In the application, state your name, age, and a short bio about yourself. The campaign will be run on Saturday afternoons 2:00 to 3:00 AEST. The location and exact details of the campaign will be emailed to you upon your approval. Also state your Obsidian Portal account name, so that I can invite you to this page. If you do not have a account, it's OK. You can create one later. 


Chaos Rampant

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